90-006 Łódz, ul.Piotrkowska 120
(+48) 42 207 32 32
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OTWARTE DRZWI Pizza & Pasta.

 The heart of this intimate and aromatic place is a real wood stove. All its plates are made of original italian ingredients. The entrance to the restaurants is located in front of our reception.


With the presence of Sherlock Holmes in unique and mysterious English atmosphere the restaurant offers a varied menu and also open alcohol bar. They guarantee good food and long fun. The entrance to restaurant is located on Piotrkowska street next to the gate of our aparthotel.

Dear Guests for your convenience we made an agreement with those two restaurants that you can visit them without paying on the spot and pay at the end of your stay at the reception. We can also prepare for you one invoice/bill that would include the costs of the room and the restaurant. All you need is to inform us in advance. For more details about the reservation of this type of stay and also the group reservation please contact us: biznes@good-time.com.pl.