Good Time Aparthotel

We invite you to Good Time – Lodz Historical Apartment Complex, which includes three sister
apartment buildings at Piotrkowska 120: Good Time Aparthotel, Good Time Residence and Good
Time Loft, as well as Apartments at Piotrkowska 82. Situated in a unique location, characteristic for
Lodz tenement houses, with an internal courtyard, at the famous and historical ul. Piotrkowska.
Let’s move back to the good times of the nineteenth century, the period of “Craftman’s Lodz”. The
development of buildings at the longest Polish street – Piotrkowska in Lodz – dynamically evolved
on rectangular plots of land into typical Lodz “wells”, where the inner courtyard is surrounded by
buildings, and entry is possible through the gate piercing through the front tenement house.

It was customary for the front tenement house to be built with the thought of being settled by a
wealthy owner of the property, perhaps a factory owner, and a representative of the elite, so it was
richly decorated with stained glass, bent handrails on staircases, ornate door handles, and marble
stairs. The buildings inside the courtyard were usually intended for laborers, tenants, small
craftsmen, and apprentices at train stations, so these buildings were modest, with exposed brick,
wooden, narrow stairs, often dating back to the period of “Craftsman’s Lodz”. You will find this
history of the city in our Aparthotel. All the facilities of our complex are served by one reception
desk open 24 hours a day, they have a common, atmospheric lobby with comfortable sofas and the
tempting smell of freshly ground coffee, which we serve to our guests non-stop. Each of the objects
shows a different part of the city’s history, but each is inextricably linked with good times for Łódź –
the city’s rapid development at the turn of the 20th century.

studios and apartments in the atmosphere of a working class
tenement house in Łódź

Good Time Aparthotel

Located in red brick interiors, preserved from the good times of the nineteenth century Łódź, when there were workers’ apartments and handicraft workshops in this place. With its architecture (including exposed, raw brick and originally preserved wooden stairs) and interior design, as well as details (heavy, brass keys, antique telephone switchboard, old lamps, cuckoo clocks and others), the building represents the old history of Łódź. It is said that the spirit of the Old Keywarden is watching over the good atmosphere of our interiors, but no one has seen him yet. The interiors offer a cross-sectional view of the structure and architecture of Łódź, the buildings erected there (factories, palaces, workers’ houses, streets and parks), the developing industry, and Łódź social strata. Despite the severity of bygone times, the studios and apartments are cozy and their equipment provides everything necessary and gives you a feeling of high comfort of stay

studios and apartments in the atmosphere of Łódź palaces,
villas and residences

Good Time Residence

Some of them have a beautiful view of Piotrkowska Street. Łódź is one of the few European cities where in the very center there are as many as 4,000 townhouses, many of which are richly decorated and officially named palaces, mansions and villas. Such a cultural heritage definitely deserves attention. We would like to bring them closer to our guests by introducing symbols and details of the palace Łódź into the interior design, refer to the splendor and luxury of Łódź. At the same time we do our best to recreate the warm and intimate atmosphere of the tenement house, in which guests will feel at home. You can relax in our studios and apartments, sit with coffee on the palace-style “Ludwik” furniture, looking at the beautifully decorated facades of tenement houses.

intimate studio in a vintage style

Good Time Loft

The studios, preserved in a vintage style, are located in the attic of our tenement house. The atmosphere here is created by wallpapers on the walls, made from original Łódź newspapers, extracted from the archives of the 19th / 20th century: Goniec Łódzki 1898-1906, Dziennik Łódzki 1884-1892, Kurier Łódzki 1906-1911, as well as old Łódź notices on content unheard of today, from the following sections: “Chronicle of Łódź”, “Trade Messenger”, “From the Court”, “Telegrams” and others. We encourage you to “read in” Lodz from the old days.
The combination of modernity with nineteenth-century industrial architecture is shown in strict details and a modernist adaptation of the attic ensuring high comfort of stay. The cozy atmosphere provides real relaxation in the heart of the bustling city of Łódź, but also inspiring working conditions.


Good Time Piotrkowska 82

We invite you to relax in the very heart of Łódź at 82 Piotrkowska Street. Safari, Pop Art and Ard Deco are our newest apartments, located on the third floor of a historic 19th century tenement house. The interior is decorated with original wallpapers and extraordinary accessories. The furnishing of the rooms is very elegant and comfortable.