Photo sessions in Good Time

Good Time is happy to rent its interiors for photo sessions and we have a whole range of them:

  • rooms and halls with red and white bricks

  • the walls of the inner courtyard are green and dense with ivy

  • industrial – concrete walls

  • wooden, hundred-year-old stairs

  • leisure, Louis-style chests of drawers and dressing tables

  • balconies overlooking Piotrkowska Street

  • apartments and flats with full home furnishings

  • photo and painting galleries

  • mirrors in golden frames

  • many accessories, details, knick-knacks, nooks and crannies…

Everyone at Good Time feels and is extremely photogenic. And thanks to this, all sessions are brilliant with us.

Some projects already done in Good Time

  • individual photo sessions – for family albums

  • wedding sessions

  • boudoir and underwear sessions

  • business sessions

  • company and product sessions

  • fashion sessions

  • scenes for films, cinema and TV productions were shot

We invite you to visit our interiors and choose this unique atmosphere and theme which will be best for your photo session.

We discuss and prepare each project individually, and prepare our interiors according to the needs of guests.


Rooms & Accommodation